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About Riot Rides

Created By Shane Emenheiser

Starting as a street photographer I was looking for a project and once I saw kids doing tricks on Bmx bikes in the streets I knew this was it instantly. I bought a bike and started riding again. Realizing these kids ride just like how I used to at their age it was an immediate connection. 

Riding with them and getting to know the community I quickly found that they were being taken advantage of by other adults in the bike business so I set out to create Riot Rides – a community for bikelife riders. This felt to me very much like skating back in the 80’s where everyone hated you and the police chased you away from anywhere you wanted to skate. Same thing is happening to the big BMX riders. 

A Place for All Things Bike Life

There is so much talent in this style of riding and these kids are truly athletes. I feel like they need to be recognized as that. Riot Rides is here to do exactly that. Riot Rides is a place for all things bike life! You want to launch a T-shirt or bike part you can do it through us. You want to find out where the next rideout is, we got it! You need help finding what parts work well on your bike, we’ll tell you. The home for any bike life rider.

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